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Our Work

Recent highlights of our work and partnerships.

WVS Sterilization Clinic

We partnered with World Veterinary Services (WVS) on a free mobile sterilization clinic for dogs and cats from the local community. Over 5 days we sterilized over 270 animals and provided much needed educational and support services for people lacking the resources to properly care for their animals.

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Local Rescue of over 50 dogs and cats from severe neglect and abuse.

Our team, in partnership with local Thai law enforcement and animal welfare agencies, raided a house where over 50 animals were being kept in horrible conditions and suffering severe neglect. Our team rescued all the animals and brought them to our shelter, cleaned them, fed them, sterilized them and gave them a bunch of love and room to play before adopting them out to loving forever homes and families.

Our Shelter

Located in a rural and secluded area of Chiang Rai our emergency shelter provides accomodation, care and adoption services for animals suffering from neglect, abuse or abandonment.

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Our Work : Services
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