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The exact number of Stateless people in Thailand is unknown but it is likely more than two million. Stateless people cannot vote, buy land, seek legal employment or travel freely. Without access to basic education, and an income to be independent, they are at high risk of human trafficking and are readily exploitable by traffickers in the region.

Our officially registered Non Profit works with stateless, and vulnerable groups in the Northern area of Thailand. We work with individuals at risk of trafficking, and falling below the poverty line, by employment training, language classes and life skills training. Our Philosophy is to empower individuals to make a better life for themselves, and a ‘Chance’ to change.

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Our Agenda

Since 2018 we have been establishing partnerships with other NGO’s in the area, most notably ‘The Mirror Foundation’ a grass roots NGO working with the hill tribes of northern Thailand. As a result of extensive research in the Chiang Rai region, gaining an understanding the issues affecting stateless and vulnerable groups, we established our '4 Pillars'.


Alongside vocational training, language education classes to help develop a good level of understanding of English, to increase their employment opportunities in the future.

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To offer vocational training to individuals at risk to work in a number of different roles, that include but not limited to Artisan (Jewellery) Training and Hospitality Sector Skills. Our most recent succesful project was creating an online range of stunning Jewellery for Animal People Alliance.

Personal Development

We develop business and individual skills, including but not limited to, personal finance management, business bookkeeping and management, computer training, health and hygiene classes and entrepreneurial training.

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Animal Welfare

Animal neglect is common in the Northern region of Thailand, so we are establishing an Animal Shelter in Chiang Rai to create employment opportunities as Animal Carers. We are working with established Animal NGO's in Asia, like Animal People Alliance.


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This is the trip of a lifetime to one of Asia’s most incredible countries, and the top tourist destination in the world, Thailand. Throughout the year we organise trips to Chiang Rai, via Bangkok to see this beautiful region. 100% of profits from these trips goes to the Chance Foundation. Its an ethical vacation at its very best, helping the vulnerable whilst experiencing '5 Star' accommodation.


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